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I have written a few times about the crowdfunding site Kickstarter (for example, in this post about a great documentary I saw).

I even participated in one campaign because Liz told me about a Pomona College professor who wanted to raise a small amount to publish a book on the artist Ben Shahn.

Sometimes there is a little sweetener (I was offered Ben Shahn note cards). Sometimes donors just want to see the thing get off the ground. If you don’t meet your goal in the allotted time, no one pays.

My impression is that Kickstarter is most suited to products that are ready to roll. Lisa Kocian wrote in the Boston Globe recently about a product I would definitely like to buy.

 “U-Turn Audio, founded by three Lexington High grads, is a few steps closer to bringing its affordable, sound-obsessed vinyl turntable to the mass market.

“In March, the trio won a $2,500 Prototype Fund grant from Northeastern University’s Center for Research Innovation. Seven or eight prototypes later, the three friends are trying to raise the $60,000 needed to start manufacturing their Orbit turntable, which will retail for about $150, according to Bob Hertig, one of the company’s cofounders.” More.

Tonight, with 28 hours left in U-Turn’s Kickstarter campaign, the team has raised more than 300% of their goal. (Note that different levels of funding are associated with different rewards, here.)

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