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If you’re landscaping the capital in an agricultural state, focus on veggies.

First of all, I need to apologize to blogger Rebecca for not telling her I was in town. I didn’t tell anybody. My family kept scheduling impromptu activities around my nephew’s wedding. I’ll just say I thought Madison was a delightful city and share some memories.

The Sunday farmers market at the capital was amazing. I walked the circuit twice.

The university’s “dementia-friendly” Chazen Museum was also pretty amazing. I am sharing “L’Amante,” by Beth Cavener, “Typewriter Eraser,” by Claes Oldenburg, “Thread Landscapes,” by Amanda McCavour, and “Are a Hundred Playing You? Or Only One?” by Xiang Jing. (I agree. That title gives no clue to the meaning of the mesmerizing porcelain sculpture.)

The giant birds were outside a housing complex near our hotel. The illuminated quote from painter Georgia O’Keeffe was inside the hotel, a former paint factory with a paint-and-painters theme. The red letters spell out the name of the hotel. (I needed my grandson to point that out to me.)

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