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Photo: CNN
A winter storm coated buildings along the shores of Lake Erie with ice as thick as three feet back in February. Something to ponder if you’re in the middle of a heat wave now.

Blogger Deb at A Bear’s Thimble once suggested saving a winter photo for blogging on a hot day in summer, which was exactly what I did that year. So now, during our current heat wave, I’m pulling up an extreme cold-weather story saved from early March. Enjoy. Keep cool.

Alicia Lee and Hollie Silverman wrote at CNN about homes along Lake Erie that were “covered in ice following two days of gale-force winds. …

“Instead of a winter wonderland, residents living along the shore of Lake Erie in New York woke up this weekend to a winter nightmare when they found their homes completely encased in thick ice.

“Ed Mis has lived in his home in Hamburg, New York, for the past eight years, and while the neighborhood has seen ice coatings before, he said this is the first time it’s been this bad.

‘It looks fake, it looks unreal,’ [the homeowner] told CNN. ‘It’s dark on the inside of my house. It can be a little eerie, a little frightening.’

“His home on South Shore Drive in the Hoover Beach neighborhood of Hamburg, about 9 miles south of Buffalo, is covered in several feet of ice and his backyard has about 12 feet of ice, Mis told CNN by phone. …

“The ice makes the houses appear as if they’re ice sculptures or something out of the movie Frozen. …

“To blame? No, not Elsa, but 48 straight hours of gale force winds. The winds created huge waves, driving lake water up on the shore, according to the Weather Channel.

” ‘When you are down in the low to mid-20s, all of that spray that comes up and hits the buildings is going to freeze and make it a giant icicle,’ winter weather expert Tom Niziol told the Weather Channel.

“The ice has started to melt a bit since Friday, Mis said, but he hopes the governor will approve an emergency declaration to help the neighborhood recover.

‘It’s a beautiful sight, but I don’t want to live through it again,’ Mis said.


It sounds like one of those “what-am-I-seeing?” phenomena. Do you know of others? Have you ever been to a place where it took your eyes a while to understand what you were looking at?

Photo: CC/Wikimedia Commons
Town of Hamburg in Erie County, New York. (If you went to public school for 7th grade in New York State, I bet you can draw that New York map with your eyes closed.)


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