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Margareta e-mailed one of my entries to her extended family with a note and copied me. Once I had used Google Translate on her note (Google Translate gets better every day), I read some very nice things she was saying about the blog. That made me want to keep on truckin’.

At work I struggled all week with a pretty terrible article that I probably should have rejected. But then I ran into another of my authors who made a point of telling me that she really liked the editing I had done on her submission. So I redoubled my efforts to salvage the terrible submission.

And here’s a compliment that made me laugh. My colleague who creates gallery exhibits invited me to lunch with a couple of her external collaborators. As she introduced me, she seemed to stumble at first on what to say, given that my job as an editor actually has nothing to do with her exhibits.

She said, “She’s and editor here … and … uh … she’s interested in … stuff.”

That’s me! Interested in stuff. Here’s some stuff.

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