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I confess I was put out at first.

After taking tai chi chuan for two years on Saturdays in Arlington, I was finally getting the hang of chung style when we switched to yang style. I quickly went to the bottom of the class because the other students go for classes several times a week.

But I was won over by the language — the charming terms from nature that describe the moves.

White Crane Spreads Wings, Stands Tall Looks for Horse,  Cloud Hands, Pick Up the Needle from the Seabed, Embrace the Tiger, Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail, and Repulse the Monkey, just for example.

Using a little imagination, you can see why the phrases match the moves. Although you might decide from this little YouTube video that Repulse the Monkey, being a move backward, is more suggestive of Being Repulsed by a Monkey.

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