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New research on the importance of calling your mom is doing the rounds.

John, @OFH_John on twitter, saw it at a Washington Post blog, which saw it at Wired, which saw it at the journal Evolution & Human Behavior: “Wired flags a new study that proves many mothers across the country right: For your own sake, you should call home more often. … A phone call to mom provides significant stress relief while instant message conversations won’t.”

Once my post goes up and triggers @LunaStellaBlog1 (you’re aware that I write this blog for Suzanne’s birthstone-jewelry company?), who knows where the message in a bottle will end up? Telephones will ring.

The Evolution & Human Behavior authors say that upbeat hormones can be generated by Mom’s voice (unless she is hassling you, of course), and those good hormones can combat your stress chemicals (read the abstract).

Bet moms get stress relief, too. As Dr. Malissa Wood said at a book reading today, women with more interpersonal connections are less likely to have heart attacks.

The call-your-mom paper is “Instant messages vs. speech: hormones and why we still need to hear each other.” The authors are Leslie J. Seltzer, Ashley R. Prososki, Toni E. Ziegler, and Seth D. Pollak.

Bless their healthy little hearts for getting ET to phone home.

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Here is Middle America at 7 a.m. waking up in Boston’s financial district after a cold, rainy night in a tent — and wondering why its college degrees have not led to jobs. It’s not Hooverville. But I think it represents something real.

There is actually a wide array of causes represented. No obvious central theme has emerged. End the War, Tax the Rich, Socialism … .

Every day I get tweets from the Equal Exchange coffee trike. With the Occupiers of Boston, the curiosity seekers, the media, and the police, there has been a steady demand for coffee. Today’s message was  “EEFreeRange EE Free Range Cafe: So busy I can’t get a tweet in edgewise! Trikes are at Charles/MGH and Dewey Sq. Come see us!”

At the Washington Post, Ezra Klein is trying to figure out what it all means. He decided it probably does mean something after he started reading a Tumblr blog called We Are The 99 Percent. He describes the blog as all “grainy pictures of people holding handwritten signs telling their stories, one after the other.

‘I am 20K in debt and am paying out of pocket for my current tuition while I start paying back loans with two part time jobs.’

“These are not rants against the system,” Klein continues. “They’re not anarchist manifestos. They’re not calls for a revolution. They’re small stories of people who played by the rules, did what they were told, and now have nothing to show for it. Or, worse, they have tens of thousands in debt to show for it.” Read more.

In the afternoon I went over and read a few signs. Would love your comments on this one: “I couldn’t afford my own politician, so I made this sign.”

It’s 11/6/11, and I just learned about another great source of Occupy signs, at Mother Nature Network. Check out “I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one” here.

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