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Around this time last year, I alerted you (here) to a treasure hunt for hand-blown glass floats. I never ran into anyone who found one, but they must have done, as the tourism council is back at it again this year.

Glassblower Eben Horton has once more hidden floats off the beaten path, including a special float with gold leaf.

The tourism council explains it all for you.

WHAT: 400 Glass Floats (glass orbs about the size of a grapefruit) will be hidden on Block Island. Floats will be dated, numbered and stamped with the shape of Block Island. All floats are clear glass except for 13 (because it is 2013), which are special colored orbs. One super special float is made entirely out of gold leaf.

WHERE: Floats will be hidden on the beaches and on the Greenway Trails. They will be above the high tide mark but NEVER in the dunes or up the side of the bluffs. They will be within one foot of either side of any Greenway trail they are placed on.More.

3/5/14 Update: Suzanne e-mailed me about a Kickstarter campaign for the glass float project. Check it out here.

Photo of glassblower Eben Horton: The Tourism Council

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