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Stop me if I already told you this.

When I was 12 and Joanna Pousette-Dart was 9, we created a Rube Goldberg contraption one weekend, the Amazing Egg Breaking machine. (After demonstrating the ingenious mechanism in science class, I forgot about it — until the teacher pointed out that there was a rotten-egg odor emanating from his supply closet.)

Now¬†Jamie Condliffe at Gizmodo announces that the 2.0 version has arrived. Well, he didn’t exactly say that. I’m using poetic license.

The new version, the Pancake-omatic, not only breaks eggs, using technology very similar to my own (and Joanna’s) innovation, but it also makes pancakes.

“Dreamt up by a team of four design engineers, it took over 200 hours to construct and a further 100 to test. [Joanna and I worked much faster.] The result seems worth the effort, though: from the moment a hen lays an egg sat upon the throne, its journey to the frying pan is both seamless and entertaining.

“Watch as the egg wobbles its way toward a hoist, to be cracked by a knife [WE had a knife!] and whisked up, before finally being deposited into the frying pan where it belongs. The machine will be on display in London’s Design Museum later this month.” More.

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