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I took one look at the photo and I knew. This story is for me.

Michael B. Farrell writes at the Boston Globe, “Leave it to the tech set to tinker with something so perfect as the nap. Not a group to leave well enough alone, they are coming up with new gadgets — from high-tech masks to wearable pillows to portable pods — to improve on the daytime snooze, bring it from the couch at home to a quiet place in the office, and encourage more people to steal a few winks every afternoon.

“These new gadgets are coming out as the nap itself is enjoying a new appreciation by professionals and amateurs alike. Scientists who study sleep habits say napping makes people more alert and productive  …

“There is nap fashion, too. A British design firm sells a wearable, portable Ostrich Pillow — a space-age fashion accessory that lets users ‘take a comfortable power nap in the office, traveling, or wherever you want.’

“One of the newest entrants to the nap marketplace is Cambridge’s Napwell, which recently raised $51,000 on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter to begin making high-tech sleeping masks. Inside the mask is a timer that triggers a built-in sunrise light, which gradually brightens to gently rouse someone from sleep so they do not wake up feeling so groggy.

“ ‘If you happen to wake up in dead sleep, you are going to feel really bad,’ said Napwell’s inventor, Justin Lee, a PhD student studying health technology at a joint MIT-Harvard program. ‘Napwell came out of that. It was the simplest thing to build that would solve that problem.’ ”

More here.

As a person who can sleep for 20 minutes and feel really refreshed, I really regret the loss our the office nap room to an expanded conference center. I would consider the Ostrich solution below but that my office has a a glass wall. Besides, it looks like it would hurt my neck.

Photo: Studio Banana Things

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