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I walked over to the museum the other day, mainly to see the artwork of the late Loring Coleman, a guy in love with ruined New England farmhouses and crumbling barns. He knew how to bring out the beauty and significance of these disappearing landmarks.

The museum’s annual feature called Family Trees also caught my attention. That’s a community effort in which local families and organizations decorate trees or wreaths with the theme of a beloved storybook.

The Garden Club, for example, did a tree this year on a flower-themed picture book, and the Council on Aging made tiny mittens for those famous little kittens who lost theirs. (Lots of skilled knitters at the Council on Aging!) Check out the covers of all the delightful books here.

PS. I’m going to add a beautiful barn painting at the end of this post. It’s by a former neighbor, Ben Cummings, and was brought to my attention by his son, Earle, and his daughter, Caroline. Like many of the buildings featured in the Coleman paintings, these red barns are no more.

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