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When I was 11, I had a bit part in a children’s play based on the fairy tale “The Love for Three Oranges.”

One at a time, three princesses emerged from three “oranges” in front of a prince who was a little slow on the uptake. A girl who had also been my partner Card when we painted the roses red in Alice in Wonderland was the first to emerge, crying out, “Water, water, I die of thirst!” and promptly dying. I died next.

By the time the third princess split open her orange and struggled to stand, the prince had managed to come up with some water and revived her. (I don’t recall anything else about the story but am pretty sure it didn’t resemble the one on Wikipedia.)

The Love for Three Oranges came to mind recently when I noticed that the tulips above were withering too fast. They’d been forced in time for Easter, I guess. I would have liked to hold on to their cheerfulness for longer than a few days.

I’m hoping that the tiny bud you see in the photo will bloom before the stem dies. I was so happy when I realized after buying the bouquet that there was a nascent flower tucked in where at first I saw only green.

Have you noticed that peaches, for example, when forced, sometimes rot from the inside out before they are ripe enough to eat? Fruit, flowers, and people all need to slow down, don’t you think, lest we wither before we fully bloom.

And speaking of slowing down, do check out the song that Will McMillan wrote on that very topic, here. It’s called, “Can We Slow It Down?” He performed the composition recently at the Unitarian church in Medford, where, he says, it  complemented the sermon perfectly.

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