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I got to see some pretty cute videos this week. Suzanne and Erik had just returned from taking the the kids on a trip to warmer climes, and my one-year-old granddaughter learned to speak “goat.” How great to be able to capture her conversation on a smartphone!

Goat, as you may know, consists of a one-word vocabulary delivered with varying degrees of urgency: “Baaaaaaa.”

I’m thinking she and her brother will relate to this June 2015 story about some baby goats in Maine.

From WPTV.com: “Winifred and Monty are three-week-old Nigerian dwarf goat siblings who love to play together on Sunflower Farm.

“In a few weeks they’ll be moving to a new home as pets and milking goats, so their current owners like to spoil them.

“On this particular cold day, they were treated to some new pajamas!

“They had no interest in going out in the rain though. They preferred to keep their new clothes pristine!” More here.

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Here I am with my siblings, posing before the fireplace in our Christmas Eve pajamas long ago and far away. (We used to be allowed to open one present before Christmas morning — pajamas.) I’m the kid with the ponytail. Today, the boy on the left does biomedical research, the little girl is a psychiatrist, and the boy on the right writes business books.

May all the good things about the season wrap you ’round, and may the not-so-good things roll off your back and vanish.


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