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I love the colors of the blue claw crab (callinectes sapidus) and couldn’t resist photographing a blue-claw sticker on the back of car in a parking lot.

Thinking that a picture of a sticker was not enough for a blog post, I went hunting for poems on blue claw crabs. I found a couple really awful ones, and I do wish one of my poet readers would write one that I might share.

Here is a poem on a generic crab that is cute.

Jim Clark, Poetry Reincarnations, copyrighted the little animation. He explains it on YouTube.

I also discovered that Richmond Lattimore (my Greek professor back in the day) wrote a short poem called “The Crabs.” Judging from a Google search, “The Crabs” is popular with the makers of standardized tests, probably because it is compact and lends itself to “deep thoughts.”

Finally, this site covers resources related to blue claws, opining that the book Beautiful Swimmers is a “must read for any crab aficionado.”

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