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Some people will go pretty far to prove a point.

The point that a couple of Smith College logic professors like to prove whenever they get a new batch of students is that hardly anyone applies logic to rumors. So the profs plant rumors and wait to see what happens.

This year’s rumor got the campus up in arms.

In late October, writes the Boston Globe, “students at Smith College were buzzing over a rumor that the school was going completely vegetarian and locavore. There were protests and counter-protests, with slogans chalked on walkways. There was a Twitter feed that caught the attention of VegNews, ‘America’s premier vegan lifestyle magazine.’ At a student government meeting, the dining services manager came under attack: How did she expect students to pass their midterms without coffee?

“But the Smith administration wasn’t really planning to ban meat, food from outside New England, or anything else.

“The whole thing was a hoax — one in a decade of annual pranks perpetrated by professors Jay Garfield and Jim Henle as part of their introductory class in logic.” Read more.






Photo of student: Bill Greene, Boston Globe

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