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Movement Voter Project believes that no one knows your community like you do and no one knows the voters in swing states like the organizations deeply connected to communities there.

I’m really loving a concept introduced to me by Lisa McE. Instead of being a carpetbagger and ringing doorbells for your candidate in swing states other than your state, instead of (or in addition to) investing your money in a campaign and maybe having nothing to show for it in the end, why not invest in groups on the ground that work with communities on a variety of needs (while registering their participants to vote) and that keep working with those communities long after all the doorbells have been rung and all the out-of-staters have gone home?

Although Movement Voter Project is focused on progressive issues, getting people registered to vote benefits democracy as a whole. No one is telling new voters how to vote after all.

Here’s how Movement Voter Project explains its work: “Movement Voter Project (MVP) works to strengthen progressive power at all levels of government by helping donors – big and small – support the best and most promising LOCAL community-based organizations in key states with a focus on youth and communities of color …

“There are thousands of grassroots organizations and networks working towards building a true democracy – and to move the U.S. forward on issues of economic fairness, racial justice, immigrants rights, women’s rights, LGBT rights, access to healthcare, and environmental sustainability. But not nearly enough direct funding or individual donations go to these groups. In the meantime, over a billion dollars is spent each election cycle on TV ads and consultants. … Our job is to:

“EMPOWER donors – from grassroots donors to major donors to foundations – to embrace the impacts of their resources beyond elections. …

“MOVE resources to directly impacted communities.

We recommend both 501(c)(3) non-partisan groups and explicitly progressive [groups] that work in communities representing the true diversity of the American people. …

“There are four main concepts that MVP uses as a lens in our work: targeting overlays … where we can impact several key races with the same money (ie. investments in groups working in a swing US House district in Florida will also impact turnout for the Senate AND the Governor AND redistricting AND structural reforms on the ballot AND lay a foundation for 2020 – whereas investing in a House race in California is unlikely to impact any other nationally significant races); places that are especially underinvested in where money makes a more impactful difference; catalytic opportunities; … ecosystem portfolios … [where] moving multiple parallel investments into a community allows an entire ecosystem to thrive and to build mutual trust.

“We talent scout and vet groups in each state where an extra $10 or $100,000 will make the greatest difference for moving progressive change [now] and long-term. We recommend [groups] that are year-round … collaborative … locally-driven. … AND we recommend 501(c)3 non-partisan groups that organize communities of color.” More at Movement Voter Project, here.

I like the long-term, dig-deep aspect of this sort of activism, but if you think that the Movement Voter Project does not reflect your particular concerns, you might prefer a general voter organization that Suzanne told me about called Vote.org.

Citizens of every stripe agree that it benefits America when we all vote.



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