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This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful to Ukrainians for showing us that you go to battle when hostile armies invade your borders, not for fanciful geopolitical strategies that change with every new government.

I’m grateful for the example of courage that ordinary Ukrainians are displaying every day and for their being a strong bulwark against totalitarianism.

The Ukrainian translators, writers, and editors I got to know for the four months of the U24 social-media partnership were the salt of the earth. I’m proud to know them. And I’m grateful to fellow editor Francesca Forrest for alerting me to the opportunity. I wrote about that experience here.

Today those Ukrainians and the native-English-speaking editors on our team stay in touch via Facebook, where we share the usual FB things — family photos, travel pictures, birthdays — plus news of Ukraine and ways to help.

To have a chance to use my skills to support the defense of these brave people was an unimaginable privilege. I am grateful.

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