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Suzanne has always admired Madeleine Albright, an interesting woman before, during, and after her stint as U.S. Secretary of State.

One thing that appeals to me about Albright is her sense of humor, a playfulness seen in the pins she collected for special occasions and to express both diplomatic — and not so diplomatic — thoughts.

The brooches on view through July 20 at her alma mater’s Davis Museum include an eagle pin that she wore to her swearing in, the serpent pin that was a response to a hostile Saddam Hussein observation, and a bee pin with a stinger to warn Yasser Arafat she was losing patience.

Jill Radsken recently toured the collection with Albright and recorded her recollections about her pins, including a pin that went over like a lead balloon.

“She [recalled] her foreign policy pin faux pas when she wore a three-monkey ‘Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil’ set to a summer summit with Vladimir Putin. When the Russian leader inquired about the monkeys, Albright forcefully told him: ‘I think your policy in Chechnya is evil.’

“ ‘That was a time when I thought I’d made a mistake with my pin,’ she said.”

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Photo: John Bigelow Taylor
Saddam Hussein published a poem calling Madeleine Albright, then ambassador to the United Nations, an “unparalleled serpent.” She decided to have fun with comment and got herself a serpent pin for her next meeting with Hussein’s officials.

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