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I got this story from a recent post by Andrew Sullivan, who got it from Mark Frauenfelder at BoingBoing, who links to Leo Kent at Humans Invent.

It’s about Swiss artist/comedian Ursus Wehrli, who has written a book called The Art of Clean Up.

Leo Kent asks the artist how the book came about.

“I had already done two books before this one,” Wehrli answers. “The first two were about tidying up art and for the third one I devoted myself more to everyday situations or objects. I very often go to museums and I actually like modern art but I was standing in front of a piece by the very messy Swiss artist Jean Tinguely. He is famous for putting all sorts of colours, material and objects on a canvas and I tried to imagine what a cleaning lady would do if she had to clean up his studio.

“I imagined how she would not really know where the mess starts and the art begins so she would end up cleaning not only the floor and the tables but the artworks. I realised this was a fun approach because you really start to look at art very differently if you try to bring some order to it.” More.

More on Wehrli’s process here, at FastCoCreate.com, where Hugh Hart adds to the story.

(You just never know what will turn up next at Andrew Sullivan.)

Photo: The Art Of Clean Up

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