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Photo: BBC.
An all-female crew successfully rowed across the Atlantic Ocean in an “eco” boat.

In case you didn’t know, women can do anything. In today’s story, a group of women who wanted to make a statement about sustainable living rowed across the Atlantic in a boat with no backup motor. Sure. Why not?

“The BBC has the story. “Having spent nearly 47 days at sea and rowed for 3,000 miles (4,800km), the Bristol Gulls finished the ‘world’s toughest row’ in Antigua [this month].

“In so doing they became the first crew to complete the crossing in a sustainably-made boat. Skipper Sofia Deambrosi said the foursome was ‘exhausted but happy.’

“The Bristol Gulls — Miss Deambrosi, Lorna Carter, Phoebe Wright and Sarah Hunt — began the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge from La Gomera in the Canary Islands on 12 December. Rowing in two-hour shifts, they survived seasickness, scorching temperatures, being capsized by huge waves and stronger-than-normal headwinds.

” ‘We’re all very proud and happy but our levels of exhaustion are pretty high,’ said Miss Deambrosi. …

“As well as raising awareness and money for charities the RNLI [Royal Navy Lifeboat Institution] in Portishead and Clean Up Bristol Harbour, the team wanted the boat to promote sustainability.

The Bristol Gulls’ motto is ‘To be the trailblazers that inspire others to embrace sustainable change and equality.’

“Their resin and fibreglass boat was built using renewable energy and its foam core was also made from 10,000 recycled plastic bottles. It had no engine and the women, who wore clothing partly made from recycled marine waste, used a solar-powered desalination unit to convert seawater into freshwater.

” ‘We hope in the future that manufacturers will start looking at making boats whose core, at least, is 100% recycled material,’ said Miss Deambrosi. ‘There’s no reason they shouldn’t do that. It doesn’t make a boat any slower or any less robust.’ …

“Miss Deambrosi, who first decided to take on the event in 2018, said she hoped their efforts would inspire others. ‘A lot of the male teams are army guys, navy guys, super endurance athletes, which makes sense because it is a very, very tough thing to do. …

” ‘We are all very down-to-earth, chilled people. It required a lot of training, but we wanted to prove anyone from any background can do it. And we did.’

“The Bristol Gulls placed ninth overall and Miss Deambrosi became the first person from Uruguay and the first woman from South America to row across any of the world’s oceans. ‘I left Uruguay 10 years ago but to represent my country is amazing,’ she said.”

More at the BBC, here.

Update: Earle sent this photo of the replica tule balsa his daughter made for an art project. She rowed it between two islands near the Golden Gate Bridge. Cool, huh?

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