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One of the reasons I’m a fan of KerryCan’s blog “Love Those Hands at Home” is that it’s so intelligent — not only the posts themselves but the comments she attracts.

Maybe she attracts thinking people partly because she is so faithful about going to her followers’ blogs, thinking about their posts, and making an interesting comment. I, for one, find that her regular commenting can keep me going on a bad day.

Recently KerryCan offered a giveaway to readers of her blog who would answer her question about how much the process of creation (as opposed to the product) meant to them, and I was the lucky stiff who won a handwoven custom dishtowel. Wow. I adore the craftsmanship and am almost afraid (but not quite) to use this for dishes. Everything in KerryCan’s home must be artistic if this is an example of a humble dishtowel.

I hope you will check out her blog and also her Etsy shop, where she offers antique linens, amazing chocolates, and more.


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This is a sampling of the bloggers I follow.

First is Asakiyume, from whom I learned everything I know about blogging, including how to borrow a photo from another site in such a way that readers will go to that site. She is an editor and a novelist, and she blogs about a wide range of topics, from personal to global.

In this post she compares a chest of drawers in a local coffee shop to something she saw in the animated Japanese feature Spirited Away. She offers many inspiring social justice ruminations plus thoughtful literary criticism, especially of fantasy and science fiction: the interstitial world.

KerryCan is a retired English professor who is very serious about crafts, selling many of her own on Etsy. She is a chocolate maker, a weaver, a quilter — you name it. I like her description of studying and resurrecting a forgotten quilt art in a recent post on “redwork.”

“I have been using an inexpensive child’s lightbox to trace the redwork panels on to paper,” KerryCan writes, “so I can keep them. Then I trace from the paper version on to off-white cotton fabric. As I trace and then stitch, I enjoy the designs. There are flowers, lots and lots of flowers. And there are animals; some are the ones the maker would know from the farm and some are exotic, known only from books or dreams.

“My favorite blocks, though, are the ones with the people, and, especially, children. The children depicted are not the cute and pampered and romanticized children of modern America but are serious and, often, awkward-looking.” Check it out.

New England Nomad is a perfect blog for learning about hidden places that even natives don’t know. The Nomad takes lots of pictures and provides detailed information on directions, special features, parking and costs. You may have heard about the Newport Cliff Walk, and the Nomad covers it, but do you know the “gem of Rhode Island,” Colt State Park in Bristol? Read about it here.

A Musical Life on Planet Earth blogger doesn’t post often, but when he does, Wow. Not only is he a music teacher and singer, he is deeply knowledgeable about the American Songbook, Broadway in particular — Rodgers, Hart, Hammerstein, Harold Arlen, Irving Berlin … . He cleans out the local library when doing research for one of his featured-composer shows. Find everything you ever want to know about the great Jerome Kern at this post, and listen to Will sing.

I’ll be doing more of these blogger recognitions from time to time, but before I leave today, I have to say I’ve been riveted to relatives’ Burning Cloud Blog, detailing the ups and downs of five months in a sailboat. Most of the posts are written by the children in the family. Read the entry “I have operated a lock” here.

Photo: New England Nomad
Colt State Park, the “gem of Rhode Island.”

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This is my 1,000th post! Thanks to everyone for sticking around.

Back in May 2011, Suzanne and Erik asked me to write a blog for Suzanne’s birthstone jewelry company, Luna & Stella. They said I could write about anything that interested me.

Anything!? How could I resist?

Luna & Stella gift giving is all about relationships and relations, and I’m certainly a relation.

One time a woman who was nervous about buying online checked out the blog, felt like it helped her know the family a little, and decided Suzanne would be an OK person to buy from.

Want a gift certificate?

I’m going to list a few of my favorite posts. They are mostly recent because it’s hard to remember all 1,000. If you comment on your own favorite post from Suzanne’s Mom’s Blog before February 1, Suzanne will enter you in a drawing for a $100 gift certificate. She said we should do something special for the 1,000th entry.

Here are a few of my favorite entries.

In this post, I had fun trying to imitate Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories.

This one, here, is about a funny episode at the “On the Media” radio show, with songs that Broadway professionals wrote for corporate conventions.

Here you can read a story about an older couple celebrating their long-ago wedding with a theme from the movie “Up.”

“Iceland Has Elves” got me started on a whole Iceland kick. (If you can get your hands on the video Cold Fever, you are in for a strange but fun treat. Thank you, Asakiyume.)

The post about Suzanne’s 18-month-old son “training” his grandparents got nice comments on Facebook. And here is one on gratitude that I did at Thanksgiving.

Will you comment on a favorite post, too? Write your comment before  February 1, Suzanne says, and she will enter you in a drawing to win a $100 Luna & Stella gift certificate. Valentine’s Day is coming up, you know, not to mention Mother’s Day. And Luna & Stella has birthstone cufflinks for Father’s Day, too.

And thank you so much for hanging on for my daily posts.

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Every day I look at the statistics that WordPress supplies to its bloggers.

On May 31, for example, I had 25 visitors (other than the folks who subscribe) and 35 views of different entries. There were a bunch of visitors from the United States, three from Germany, and one each from Japan, Poland, Haiti, Canada, Denmark, Switzerland, and Indonesia. No clicks on any of my links that day.

I would love to know more than just bare bones about these visitors. If I knew more, I’d try to post about things that might interest them.

Words have double meanings, which is why I eventually had to elide the two-word name of a certain white whale. And there is apparently a bus company called R*d Bus (guess the missing letter) that finally forced me to remove my picture of a r*d bus. It was just too lame to be getting all those hits from folks wanting tours of Australia.

Here are the search terms that brought folks to me on Friday: “corinna da fonseca-wolheim,” “inflatable flood tubes flooding house,” “swidish [sic] mom blog rose,” “coffee planting business model,” “mom storytelling to child, reuters,” “christy maclear,” “naomi shihab nye ghazal,” “mom blog income.”

Sometimes I have no idea why a search engine sent a particular query here. Sometimes I can guess. Corinna writes for the NY Times, and I have featured her articles several times. And I did have a post on inflatable flood tubes.

Unless they are in the archives, WordPress shows me which entries got viewed by the visitors on a given day. So I can assume that my post on a coffee business in Haiti was the draw for the search term “coffee planting business model.”

No one should come to me for “mom blog income.” But I am amply paid in technology and the great satisfaction of mastering a daily challenge and helping out.

Photo at Verrill Farm, Mother’s Day, 2013

3 grandchildren

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Just a quick post to say that there are some lovely blogs on WordPress, where Suzanne’s Mom’s blog is housed. I recently noticed two in particular I wanted to share.

The first features the Modern Museum of Glass Art in Copenhagen.

The second has photos of cool cut-paper art. Enjoy.


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