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I went to the five-hanky Amahl and the Night Visitors again this year — so moving for so many reasons. I’m moved by the Italian composer’s last-minute inspiration to use the three kings of his childhood as the basis for the opera commissioned for a live television broadcast, the love between the mother and child, their extreme poverty, young Amahl’s optimism, the miracle, and numerous lines — “the keys to his kingdom belong to the poor,” “for such a king, I have waited all my life.”

Waited. Waiting.

The Catholic church in Concord sets up a crĂȘche outside the parish hall every year. They don’t complete it and place the baby in the manger until Christmas Eve.

I like to think of the kneeling figures as waiting, although once the tableau is complete, they are seen as worshiping.

I see them as waiting and believing that a reason to be hopeful is coming. And I think their belief plays a role in making it come true.


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Wherein the grandmother is too tired to talk but will describe the photos. Wreaths on the Colonial Inn, grandson with new truck, church nativity scene early Christmas morning, Christmas tree at John’s house, grandfather with two granddaughters.

So much fun to be around little kids at Christmas. Also very good for sleeping soundly the following night.


















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