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90-year-old grandma moves like Mick Jagger.

Don’t you feel that, among all their reports of gloom and doom, journalists are also trying to find ways to cheer us up? I sure am seeing a lot of articles about people helping  other people. Here is one about ways you can connect to online dance opportunities and performances, mostly for free.

Boston Globe dance critic Karen Campbell writes, “Dance, by its very nature, is an intensely personal endeavor, involving the body, as well as intellect and emotion. But dancing is seldom solitary. The sense of connecting with other bodies, other sources of energy, and the momentum generated by bodies moving together and in opposition can fuel a palpable electric charge. In this time of social distancing, those of us who regularly dance are missing not just the visceral thrill of movement, but the joy of dancing together.

“Meghan Riling, dancer/marketing director of Haitian contemporary dance company Jean Appolon Expressions, says, ‘There are so many people who refer to attending [Jean’s] Saturday class as “going to church.” With so [much] devastating news and a lack of physical connection, we really need to be there for our community as much as we can.’ The organization is now hosting online classes and tutorials. …

“Teachers and performers, many of them freelancers in the gig-based economy, are losing much-needed income. …

But Greater Boston’s dance community isn’t taking it lying down.

“Even as organizations such as Boston Dance Alliance, the Boston Artist Relief Fund, Dance/USA, MassCreative, Americans for the Arts, and the Massachusetts Cultural Council seek ways to provide a glimmer of hope for some financial assistance, dance studios and independent teachers are finding ways to keep classes going.

“Using Zoom, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Google Hangout, even Skype, they are live streaming from their living rooms and basements, with only a computer, tablet, or phone. The stylistic range of offerings is remarkable — from contemporary (Project31dance.org) to jazz (MassMotion.com) and flamenco (LSFlamenco.com), from country western line dancing (JKDance.com) to Dance With Parkinson’s (Urbanitydance.org), to a range of ballet, hip-hop, tap, and somatic practices. Some, like MiniMoversStudio.com and BallroominBoston.com’s Facebook page, have offerings tailored for young children. …

New England’s busiest multi-genre facility, The Dance Complex in Cambridge, is offering its teachers the opportunity to live stream classes via the organization’s Instagram channel (Instagram.com/thedancecomplex), boosting visibility and access. Cambridge Community Center for the Arts (cccaonline.org) is jump-starting its interactive online video/remote learning and teaching platform to allow ‘students to attend remotely, and faculty members to teach from wherever they are comfortable,’ says president and executive artistic director Dan Yonah Marshall. The organization is offering its A/V online streaming setup to the greater dance community, too.

“Other studios are following suit, and in some cases increasing the range of offerings. “

Find many great links in the Globe article, here. Plus, you can check out free Alvin Ailey dance theater performances here.

Photo: Handout
Laura Sánchez, a dance instructor in Cambridge, teaches an online flamenco class. I know a five-year-old who should take this class.


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