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Around this time last year, a young cub scout rang the bell. He was selling popcorn as a fundraiser for his den. His mother waited by the gate. While I was filling out an order form, he studied the black net over my yard and the way our leaves seemed to float.

“What do you think that’s for?” I asked.

The cub scout pondered only a moment. “When all the leaves fall down,” he said, “you roll them up in the net and dump them in a leaf pile.”

Bingo. He had put his finger on my husband’s innovation to alter and illuminate the fall leaf-raking ritual.

I looked up at the cub scout’s mother and said, “This young man is going places!”

The popcorn was good, too.

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I was reading about the latest enthusiastic group of LEAF interns in the Block Island Times tonight and decided to look up more information on the program.

The Leaders in Environmental Action for the Future (LEAF) program is an initiative started by the Nature Conservancy (TNC) 17 years ago. According to the TNC website, it “provides paid summer internships for high school students and helps educators from environmental high schools share best practices and scientific resources. The long-term goal of LEAF is to support more than 30 environmental high schools across the country, ultimately serving over 20,000 students.”



The Block Island Times notes that this is the third year of the island’s participation. The three girls who are currently interning have come with their mentor come from Atlanta. Intern Niniola Mark tells the newspaper, “This is my first time in New England, and I also saw the ocean for the very first time.” The article doesn’t say what high school the girls attend, but the only one in Georgia that I see on the TNC site is the Arabia Mountain High School.

What fun to go to an environmental high school!

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