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As a child, were you ever into secret communication methods? A couple tin cans on a line between houses? Invisible ink? Goose language?

I was. Which is why this Cranston Library fundraiser appealed to me. You could embed a message in the library branches’ sidewalks. But it would only be visible when wet.

Gregory Smith
 wrote about WaterWalk for the Providence Journal:Library officials are inviting the public to pay $25 for an opportunity to display an image and a pithy message in a now-you-see-it/now-you-don’t manner on walkways. …

“At work is a technique in which library staff members and volunteers will apply a stencil and a superhydrophobic (water-repellent) solution to display the image and message. On a sunny day, the image and message are invisible, but on a rainy day, they become visible.

“The images are expected to last six months to one year and have been demonstrated to last even in the Northeast, where a snow shovel is likely to scrape the surface, according to Katy Dorchies, community engagement manager for the libraries. ..

“The donor is allowed to select one of three images and to compose a personal message of up to 10 characters — a name or a phrase. …

“The three images reflect someone’s love of reading, interest in technology and support for libraries, respectively. …

“The images are scheduled to be in place at the beginning of October.” More here.

Photo: Frieda Squires/The Providence Journal files
Walkways at the Cranston’s central library, seen here, and two branch locations will feature in WaterWalk, a fundraiser.

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Today I had an amusing back and forth with Fire Islanders past and present. It was about a fund raiser for what we used to call “Group” back when I was a day camper and later a counselor and writer-director of teenage musicals.

The fundraiser is to restore the Ocean Beach Youth Group (“Group”) building below, which was pummeled by Hurricane Sandy. From the first e-mail:

“Food . Beer & Wine . Auction . Guest Bartenders . Tequila Tasting
“Sun., Jan. 6, 2013, 4-7 pm @ Rodeo Bar, 375 Third Avenue, NYC
“$50 cash/check at door, 21+
“$30 for 16-20 For advance tickets or to make a donation, visit http://www.nycharities.org/Events/EventLevels.aspx?ETID=5691 OBYG is a 501(c)3 organization.
“As an added bonus Tony Roberts of Broadway fame and Youth Group Alumnus will be our guest.”

I wrote back that I was in one of Tony Roberts’s teenage plays (back when his name was still Dave) and can sing most of the lyrics to the theme song of his show Like You Like It.

I then indulged in some contradictory reminiscing with my first co-writer/director and with the daughter of playwright Arnold Horwitt, who was an adviser on the first show we wrote.

“Memories can be beautiful and yet” … (Oh, sorry, we used to burst into song a lot.)

But about memories. I know I have the most accurate memories for the shows I worked on, yet friends keep remembering differently. And who can blame Arnold Horwitt’s daughter, for example, if she thinks her father wrote all the lyrics to our “Return of the Native” when he only contributed the song that he had already written for a cruise to fight a bridge, “Everything’s Coming Up Moses”? He was a huge support, and that’s what she gets right.

Want me to sing anything for you?

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Around this time last year, a young cub scout rang the bell. He was selling popcorn as a fundraiser for his den. His mother waited by the gate. While I was filling out an order form, he studied the black net over my yard and the way our leaves seemed to float.

“What do you think that’s for?” I asked.

The cub scout pondered only a moment. “When all the leaves fall down,” he said, “you roll them up in the net and dump them in a leaf pile.”

Bingo. He had put his finger on my husband’s innovation to alter and illuminate the fall leaf-raking ritual.

I looked up at the cub scout’s mother and said, “This young man is going places!”

The popcorn was good, too.

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