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Bonus Post


Photo: Malcolm Greenaway

Nancy Greenaway sent me a couple of her lovely poems today, and they put me in the spring spirit. Thought I’d share them with you.

To Arms

After dull, damp, mud months,
tender green blades
duel to freedom
from the weather underground
where the fight for life
somehow survives
gray death’s dominion
over the frozen, surface world.

Just when we’ve thrown
gloved hands skyward
in surrender to whips
of winter wind,
daffodils shoot up blazing
captivating us with promises
of an armistice
called spring.




A great golden wall of forsythia
defines my neighbor’s property lines.

It glows through fog, competes
with daffodils to steal the show.


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This morning as my almost-three-year-old grandson was “fixing” the downspout with a pair of pliers, I passed along what I like about spring.

You don’t have to put on coats and scarves and boots and hats and mittens every time you go out. It’s warm and sunny. There are lots of flowers. The flowers smell good.

He didn’t say much, probably because he had already gotten me to smell a large, red tulip, and he was focused on his work.

Here are some spring pictures. Look closely to see the mural of a rabbit in the shadows at Olga’s, where our one-year-old grandson escorted us for brunch.

Help me identify the sprays of flowery branches? The only one I can say  for sure is the yellow forsythia. For the others, I will have to upload the photos at the website of the almost-three-year-old’s dad to get a crowd-sourced identification, Mister Smarty Plants. Do you think the pink spray is quince?

rabbit on wall at Olga's

brunch at Olga's

spray of white at bank


could it be quince?

shadows on back door

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