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Wish I could have captured the transformation of the sky over Boston about 4:30 this afternoon. It was like a sci-fi flic of a force from outer space taking over the world in one fell swoop. One minute the sky outside my window was all blue sunshine and puffy white clouds — the next, an ominous dark front was racing out of the northeast and eating everything in its path.

I would have liked a picture to contribute to Sharon Silverman’s art installation. She is building one in December and needs sky photos in a 4″x6″ print form (only sky, no buildings or trees or anything else in the picture): Sharon Silverman, P.O. Box 1212, Haverhill, MA 01831, silvermanarts@comcast.net.

Sharon says, “Remember to put your name and address on a separate piece of paper so that you can be added to the list of artists who are contributing their work to this project.” It sounded like a rare chance to be an “artist.”

I have quite a few sky pictures, but could round up only two for Sharon that didn’t have anything else in them. (Maybe only one, since a bird showed up in a print.)

Here are a few recent sky photos — two that are just sky.

And check my previous post on ForSpaciousSkies.com.







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In January I blogged here about ForSpaciousSkies.com and a guy who thinks we would all be a lot better off if we looked at the sky more.

I have to say, he has a point. When we lived on the 18th floor in Minneapolis in the ’90s, we were constantly admiring clouds from our balcony. And now, since reading about Jack Borden’s crusade, I’ve begun to pay attention to the sky again.

I find that looking at clouds for a few minutes in the middle of everything else that is going on can really feel good.

Two of these photos were taken near my house, and one is over the Seekonk River in Providence.


clouds and trees













seekonk river providence


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Do you remember the scene in War and Peace (I know, I read it a long time ago, too) in which Prince Andrei, lying wounded on the field of Austerlitz, looks up at the sky and experiences a kind of awakening?

Well, there’s an organization that hopes we will all connect with the sky with that sort of attention and feel renewed.

“It began with a cryptic e-mail from an unfamiliar source,” writes Jan Brogan at the Boston Globe.

“ ‘Look at the sky as often as you can — for about 21 days. I’ll contact you again in 3 wks.’ It included a link to a website with clouds.

“Signing off with ‘More Light,’ this guy could have been a total whack job. But something about the writing said this had nothing to do with UFO sightings. I clicked in.

“The website was ForSpaciousSkies.com. The man who sent the e-mail, Jack Borden, a former Boston television reporter, had had an epiphany as he looked up from a meadow one day in the mid-1970s and saw the sky as if for the first time. He has been on a mission to educate people about sky awareness ever since.

“ ‘When we are unconscious in regard to our surroundings, we are irresponsible to them,’ says Borden, speaking of that mission now.

“It began with a series of televised man-on-the-street interviews. Borden stopped pedestrians, covered their eyes, and asked what the sky looked like. Most had no clue. They were rushing through their lives without ever looking up.” More.

I want to take up the challenge, pay more attention to the sky. I’m good about this when I go out early in the dark for my walk and take a deep breath of the moon and stars, but I should be more attentive more often during the day. I think my hiking and skiing and sailing friends must get sky vitamins  all the time. They probably don’t even think about it.

I include a couple pictures from times I did pay attention during the day.


063012_clouds (2)

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