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A few Valentine’s Day items.

Suzanne, her son, and I made 50 valentines, and I trotted along Thursday when he carried them in a little striped bag to nursery school. The school had told parents that it was fine if kids didn’t do valentines, but if they wanted to bring any, then they needed to bring them for everyone.

Suzanne reports the cards were a great success: “They decorated bags and then went around putting valentines in each others’ bags. G really liked opening the valentines at home and reading the kids’ names.  He particularly liked the one from a boy whose parents didn’t follow the rules and included a lollipop. 🙂 ”

My Valentine is in New York to help Erik with the kids while Suzanne attends the Playtime trade show. The cookies I made are for him when he gets home.

By the way, if you want to see some funny valentine gifs that listeners made at the behest of the radio show Studio 360, click here.



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On Saturday, I made Valentines with the two-year-old grandchildren (two families). It’s so pleasant. “Relaxing,” adds Suzanne.

A couple weeks ago, I learned about something a little more advanced that we can try making — paper-strip hearts to hang in a window or on a tree or anywhere.

I saw a few of these ornaments in the window of the 5 and 10, and I said to myself, “Cool! I can do that!”

I looked at the samples very carefully. But when I got home and tried to replicate what I had seen, the heart came out as a bubble.

Naturally, I turned to the Internet, and Sugar Bee Crafts came to my rescue. The secret is the second staple. I thought Mandy Beyeler did a fine job of photographing exactly where you have to put that staple. And she even pulled it off with two preschoolers helping.  Check her tutorial here for the details. And look at the pictures. Mandy’s hearts are much fancier than mine.



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Although I’m very lucky to live in a walkable community near public transportation, if everything is closed, there’s not much point going out. At least not until the sidewalk plow guy has been around once. (He really doesn’t like people in the way when he is working.)

Might as well make Valentines. This one is a work in progress.

Making Valentines

The ones in the picture below were created by Grandson the First last week as he awaited the arrival of a new sister.

In the picture after that, a Valentine Suzanne made a couple years ago is on the left, and one I made last year is on the right.


Valentines of the Past

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